Under Construction: Living Tower in Malaga. Less than a half of the houses are still available!

About Malaga

The construction of the Living Tower in Malaga has already started: this  is the first one of the building of the Malaga Towers project. The beginning of the construction, which is managed by Metrovacesa, implies important changes for the skyline of Malaga, but at the same time, it means the chance of living in a luxury residence in one of the best cities on the Costa del Sol.

The completion of the first tower of the project is scheduled in April 2023. After the works will be over and the building completed, the first residents can start to enjoy their new and luxury homes in the Living Tower that summer. While the construction has just started, a 60% of the property sales have already been closed and, therefore, only less than half of their homes remain available.

A luxury home at Living tower: How will houses be like?


The Living tower will have a total of 71 properties distributed over 21 floors high. The homes will have a large terrace from which residents will enjoy wonderful views of the Costa del Sol.

To highlight that residents can enjoy a complete range of  activities in the common areas, which will include three swimming pools -one heated and two outdoor-, spa and gym. These sports facilities will be completed with the audiovisual room with a toy library and the nursing room.

In addition to the residential floors, the building will be completed with a floor for offices and a commercial space. As a consequence of the new needs and the current context have been considered, the building will have a coworking area.

The Living Tower is just a part of a more ambitious residential development made up of three exclusively designed towers that will add up to a total of 213 large homes; in fact, some of the residences will be over 400m2.

It is possible to know today what your residence in the Living Tower will be like tomorrow!


Metrovacesa has started a complete task for the commercialization of the Torre Living luxury residences. Future residents can today find out the details of the building and the houses thanks to different possibilities ready to response all the people who is interested in acquiring a residence in Living Towers. A few months ago, a new sales office was installed close to the construction site. The installation of this office is an interesting opportunity to know the Living Tower up close.

However, Metrovacesa has considered the current context of limited mobility and, of course, the international interest that this project arouses. In this way, people interested in this project will be able to discover the Living towers through interactive virtual visits, videos, audiovisual brochures, or infographics from anywhere in the world.

It is already possible to access to  complete and valuable information on the houses and the buildings, discovering the details of the residences through MVC Digital.

In addition, the promoter has contributed by developing a digital platform aimed at the network of its own agents, thanks to which they will have all the detailed information about the Malaga Towers project.

Both in the physical offices and in the digital tools, the objective pursued by Metrovacesa is to offer a close treatment and, at the same time, an information and marketing service that borders on excellence. The result has been more than satisfactory as sales has already been closed for 60% of the available homes.

A project that will change the skyline of Malaga.


The Malaga Towers project is one of the most important urban developments for the capital of the Costa del Sol, and a total of 138 million euros will be invested in its construction. The Living Tower is only the first of the three towers that comprise the complete project. Once they will be completed, they will bring a notable change for the skyline of Malaga.

The skyline of Malaga will be modified with the inclusion of the Towers Malaga Living, but above all it will benefit because this project will attract new residents to one of the most important tourist cities in Europe. New residents who will be able to enjoy high quality homes in one of the most ambitious and interesting projects that is currently being developed in the city.