Málaga Towers a design imbued with light

Málaga Towers is one of the most important urban planning projects for the city of Malaga in recent years. An idea that finds its raison d’être in Malaga, as one of the destinations that arouses the most interest in the property sector. A constantly developing city, that is open to the world, full of life, art and culture, and capable of transforming itself at the same speed as the great European capitals.

This project undoubtedly positions Malaga on a much more cosmopolitan and innovative stage, adapted to the needs of international citizens.

The quality that Malaga deserves

Málaga Towers is located in the perfect place to create a project with an extremely high level of architecture, flying the flag for innovation and the cutting-edge, and revamping the western coastline of Malaga, next to the famous Antonio Banderas Promenade. The first luxury property project developed in the city of Malaga, with materials and finishes of an extraordinary quality that can turn this work into a milestone in innovation and design.


Metrovacesa, with over 100 years of history in the construction sector, now seeks to give Malaga the boost it deserves with this new project that brings a unique concept of quality and luxury to the city.

Metrovacesa is the leading real estate developer in Spain. With more than 100 years of experience, the company follows the highest standards of quality, design and security to build unique and innovative homes. “Spaces that are worth living in,” that is the premise they work for, and they do that alongside the best architects and interior designers paying attention to the small details.

Each property is designed according to energy saving and sustainability standards, and even more importantly, each property is designed bearing in mind the lifestyle of the people who are going to live in it.

The architect

“This is a unique project because the building and its properties engage in dialogue with the sea. This is an open conversation based on harmony and sustainability. Therefore, we believe that it is going to be one of the city´s most iconic residential buildings. 21st Century architecture for a city that has made modernity, tradition and respect for the environment its hallmarks”.

Carlos Lamela
Architect of Málaga Towers

Founded in 1954, it is one of the most renowned architectural companies at a national and international level, having created more than 2,000 projects and received several awards for its work. Its major projects include the Columbus Towers in Madrid, the extension of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Terminal T4 of the Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas airport and the new terminal of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. In Malaga, the studio has already created several buildings on La Malagueta, Avenida de Andalucía, and the Playamar-La Nogalera complex in Torremolinos.

Lamela is the architect behind a project that has placed a special value on the integration of the setting with proximity to the sea, a privileged urban and geographic location, as well as the application of energy efficiency, sustainability, environmental and accessibility criteria.

Stare into space and always
find the sea

The Málaga Towers project was designed with a vertical structure in order to make the most of space and offer a feeling of freedom. All of the properties overlook the sea, with views that only a select few can enjoy. The building´s shape resembles the movement of sea waves thanks to the heterogeneous overlapping of layers which, in addition to creating that dynamism, are also brimming with light.

We sought to revamp standard constructions, and create something that was striking and that represented the cosmopolitan character of Malaga. Our aim was to create a symbol that was appropriate for the size and function of a new urban landscape.


Spaces guided by the light of Malaga

We are in a city with 320 days of sun a year, an asset that we have harnessed in both the exterior and interior of the towers via a detailed study measuring sunlight incidence according to seasons and time frames. Thanks to their shape, height and colour, the tower buildings will be visible from anywhere in the city and are bodies with their own character, subject to the rhythms of Malaga and its hours of daylight.


The interior designer

Jaime Beriestain is responsible for giving shape, style and character to the interior of the towers alongside his studio founded in 2002: Beriestain Studio. This interior architecture firm based in Barcelona has produced successes all over the world with projects that have made its portfolio a real benchmark in interior design.

The idiosyncrasy of Beriestain combines avant-garde design, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and close attention to details in order to heighten the feeling of wellbeing in the interior of each space. This vision is embodied in the architectural style of the towers, enhancing their modern and ground-breaking character to ensure that this project is recognized for what it is: a work that will make history.


Beriestain produces projects nationally and internationally, which enables him to discover and implement designs that are increasingly contemporary and sustainable. His clients notably include high-end luxury brands like Hyatt, Marriott, Waldorf Astoria and Hilton.