Are you a European businessman who is looking for a place to relocate your company

About Malaga

Only the fearless can see an opportunity where the rest can just see an impending catastrophe. Speaking about the pandemic, most point that it is a disaster for the economy. However, visionaries will understand the new normal as the perfect chance to reinvent themselves and to access a better quality of life.

And, without a doubt, great entrepreneurs are the first to look beyond in search of opportunities.

The pandemic brought confinement and restrictions on mobility, but it helped us learn to prioritize and to find the best place to live and work. Just a few years ago, European capitals were the dream destination to have a company, today non-capital European cities and smaller towns have become the destination where everyone wants to live and work.

One of these dream destinations is Malaga, which, according to various studies and publications, is the perfect place to relocate your company.

Are you looking for a place to relocate your company? Malaga is the new destination for your business

Not many years ago, the capitals were the dream destination for acompany. The main cities were synonymous of business, opportunities…and they had the best locations and offices too! There was a change in 2019: real estate investment in non-capital cities increased. The capitals were no longer so interesting. Entrepreneurs began to look for new places to relocate their companies.


Large investors are now betting on core cities that offer many interesting economic aspects and, in addition, an excellent standard of living and a lower cost.


In fact, according to a study carried out by Oxford Economics, Malaga is the fifth European city with the best growth prospects for office use in the next five years, which indicates that there are already many entrepreneurs thinking of relocating their companies to the capital of the Costa del Sol taking advantage of all the business opportunities and quality of life that Malaga offers.


Malaga offers excellent opportunities to access funds and potential clients

The increased use of offices is just one indicator, but it is not the only one about the interest Malaga arouses among entrepreneurs. Specifically, according to the result of a survey carried out by the start-up UENI, Malaga is the third Spanish city to open a business. The company conducted a questionnaire with almost a thousand businessmen and Malaga was one of the best-valued cities internationally, and the third-best-valued option in Spain, behind Madrid and Barcelona.


Entrepreneurs and businessmen emphasize that Malaga offers excellent opportunities to do business thanks to the presence of a good number of potential clients. In addition, it has facilities to access financing; Then, it has a good park of offices available to establish a business and, as if that were not enough, it is a place that offers security. All this makes Malaga a perfect place to have a business.


Quality of life for employees and companies

In the last year there have been great changes. Now it is no longer necessary to live in a big city to work in a large company, so workers seek to live in cities with a better quality of life. The development of teleworking has made workers look for smaller cities, close to open spaces, in contact with nature and that offer more opportunities for outdoor activities, they become the destinations of choice for those who work. Malaga is the perfect destination by many Europeans.


But: why should you keep the headquarters of the company in a place that no longer offers the same opportunities? Why should you stay when talent has left in search of Sun and open spaces?


For companies and entrepreneurs, Malaga offers not only the opportunity to be where the best employees are now; but a wide and complete network of infrastructures, an unbeatable communication and transport network and an extensive offer of offices. As a plus, if there is something that has made the Costa del Sol famous, it is the presence of golf fields . In short, Malaga offers everything you need to do business; for this reason, it is the best place to relocate your company and to see how your business grows while enjoying the best of living in one of the sunniest cities in Europe.